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We have made many efforts to make our IQ test more scientific and reliable. We have studied various techniques invented by psychologist like William stern,Alfred Binet, Theodore Simon, Victor Henri, Charles Spearman, LL Thurston, David Wechsler, Raymond chattel etc. but our test is entirely different from other tests invented by many psychologist as we have mentioned earlier.

Question: -What is Difference in this IQ Test?

Answer: - This IQ Test is totally different from traditional IQ test.This Test system is based on points from 0 to 10 . where 0 means null mind and 10 marks means Perfect Mind.

Question: - Is this test 100% accurate?

Answer:- We try our best to make this IQ test more effective . This test is just indication / estimation of your intelligence level. Take this test just as game . Your IQ score can vary under different circumstances. So it is requested to not to take this test seriously.
Question: - Is this IQ test authorized by someone or any authorized society?

Answer:- As we have already mentioned that this test is just an indication / estimate of IQ . Please take it as a game. Our test is not based on any standarilized test. But we have made lot of efforts to made this IQ Test more accurate and fast as compared with others.

Question:-What is the meaning of this IQ points?
Answer:- This IQ System is based on points system . If you get 6 points then it means you have more then Normal Intelligence . Complete table is as below.

Points Gained IQ Indication


Very Low Intelligence


Poor Degree of Intelligence


Low Degree of Intelligence


Just below Normal Intelligence


Normal Intelligence.


Normal Intelligence.


More Than Normal Intelligence .


Very Good Intelligence.


High Degree of Intelligence.


Perfect Intelligence .


Extreme Degree of Intelligence.


Question:- Is there any charges for users to take this test?

Answer:-No,we provide all our services without any cost, you do not need to pay directly or indirectly to any body.

Question:-Is there any time limit to solve IQ Test questions?

Answer:-No,There is no time limit to solve IQ Questions.

Question:-Is This IQ Test Gender based ?

Answer:-No,we think that there is no difference in male and female mind , both are same and they can perform well in our IQ Test.

Question:-Is This IQ Test biased in any sense in terms of Country ,Caste ,Race ,Age?

Answer:-No,Our Special IQ Test is point based which is selected after deep research ,so we think that even a 14 year kid can get good points in our special IQ Point system.

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