What is IQ (General Definition)

What is IQ: - IQ means intelligence quotient.It is general ability of a person to solve any problem .Basically it is comparison of mental age and chronological age (physical age).

Chronological age: - Chronological age refers to age which we calculate according to our date of birth.

Mental age: - Mental age refers to general expected development of brain as per his mental age.

I Q = M.A/C.A * 100

By this formula we can calculate IQ of any person e.g If someone gets 100 points according to above said formula then he is treated as normal person . Not only 100 marks if someone gets marks between 90 – 110 he will also be treated as normal person.

Normally intelligence quotient are generally treated as predictors of various tasks like job performance, performance in education,Income level etc.

Factor affecting IQ: - There are many factors that effect IQ level of a person. Major factors are genetic factors. There are some other external environmental circumstances that affect IQ of any person. Examples of external circumstances are modern media, Education, Breast feeding, Womb Conditions, Nutrition, Culture,Stress etc.

Can we increase IQ: - This is question about that can we increase our IQ level? As we all know that major determinants of our IQ is Genetic factor that can not be changed. But with the change of our environment, Education level, Better food,Stress free,living conditions etc we can see improvement in our IQ level.

How to increase IQ level?:- We can increase our IQ level by playing educational games, Games which are helpful in brain practice, Removing stress from mind, Better and Balanced diet, Regular physical as well as Mental exercises,Reading Books etc.

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