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Instant IQ Test Trusted by 5,544,213 Visitors since 2014. This IQ Test is based on 20 questions. Get instant result (Without login / Email / Phone no / Credit Card). Check Right answers after the test. Check your IQ level with in 10 minutes. Thanks for Visiting Instant IQ-Test.XYZ. 5,544,213 (Five Million Five Hundred Forty Four Thousand Two Hundred Thirteen ) Visitors have used IQ test since 25-12-2014.


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It is challenge to define Intelligence Quotient. We are doing our best to make our IQ test unique and accurate. More than 5 Million people have checked their IQ Level using our scientific IQ test. You don't need to share your email ID , phone number or credit card information with us to get Quick Results.
Its interesting part is that after this test you can check right answers with explanation. We have tried our best to translate IQ test in different languages. But we recommend you to take IQ test in english language. You can also check Right Answers with Explanation after test.

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This IQ test is completely different from traditional IQ Tests. Our IQ test is based on 20 scientific IQ questions. You can check your IQ level by just answering simple 20 IQ questions. There is no time limit to solve these questions.

IQ Level
Above 130 Genius.
120-129 Extreme Degree of Intelligence.
110-119 High Degree of Intelligence
90-109 Normal Intelligence
80-89 Just Below Normal Intelligence.
70-79 Low Degree of Intelligence.
Below 69 Very Low Degree of Intelligence .

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